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Three Mile School Gallery

Louie Dawson when she graduated
from Calhoun County High School in 1933.

Louie Dawson, in the back row with the top of her head cropped off, as an older student at Three Mile School.

Louie Dawson with friend Ploma Groggs,
looking grim in the style of the day.

Three Mile School in 1935 before remodeling.

The 1936 student body.Back row: Luella Snider, Launa Dawson, J. P. Morrison; middle row: Gewndolyn McCray, Naomi Cooper, Amelia Freed, Margie Robinson, Marjorie Snider, Virginia Snider, Bob Snider, Gene Snider, Willard McCray; front row: Ava Marie Robinson, Bob Cooper, Junior Snider, Eva Jean Frederick, Betty Ruth Dawson, Emma Jean Kelley, Skip Kelley, and Jimmy Duncan.

Jimmy Duncan
and Skip Kelley.

Marjorie and
Ava Marie Robinson.

In 1936 CCC workers
remodeled Three Mile School.

Not all school picture
were happy occasions.

The boys knew they were outnumbered and surrounded. Back: Eva Jean Frederick, Gwendolyn McCray, Naomi Cooper, Marjorie Snider, Amelia Freed, Virginia Snider, Margie Robinson, Betty Ruth Dawson, Ava Marie Robinson, Emma Jean Kelley; front: Jimmy Duncan, facing, and Bob Cooper facing away.

The last day of school produces smiles.

For once the teacher
wasn't behind the camera.

Louie Dawson married Bernard Snider
from nearby Freed, West Virginia,
on April 11, 1936.

Louie and Bernard Snider's four children
in the porch swing of the Dawson homestead
near Three Mile School. Left to right:
Mary Ann (8), Nancy (1), Joe (4), and Ruth (3).

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